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Word Winder™ is the most addictive new board game invented in many years (maybe in many decades)!

Word Winder™ is the brain child of America’s most syndicated puzzle maker, David L. Hoyt (Daily Jumble™, Word Roundup™, & many other great puzzles and interactive games). The board game has just arrived in toy stores and major chain stores nationwide (Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Target, etc.).


Adveractive has been David L. Hoyt's interactive development partner for a number of years. We are delighted to be the developer of the outstanding Word Winder™ App. The App is available on the Nook, the iPad and the iPhone now and it will be coming fairly soon to Kindles, Android phones and other tablets in the very near future.


Here is our short video describing the iPhone/iPad game:

There are six amazing and totally original games in the single Word Winder™ App!

Play by yourself and choose one of four different puzzle games - and every single puzzle has been crafted by David L. Hoyt (over 200 puzzles in the game's essentials collection).


Or play together with friends and family (pass-and-play) in your choice of multi-player modes. On your NOOK, the game plays just like the board game coming to stores nationwide.  Players compete to form the first winding line of words from one side of the board to the opposite side. It is a game of strategy and cunning, of offense and defense, and of forming alliances and outwitting opponents.

The 6 entirely original games in the App are:

Word Winder Finder - Find winding answers to crossword style clues. 3 rounds in each puzzle!

Word Winder Frenzy - Find words of different lengths winding through a letter grid. Race the clock for the best time!

Word Winder Challenge - Locate the best sets of winding words stretching across the game board. Beat the David Hoyt score if you can...he pre-played each Challenge puzzle placed on the NOOK!

Word Roundup Frenzy - These are BONUS Word Roundup puzzles. These Word Roundup puzzles have been a David L. Hoyt hit on the Internet for years!

Word Winder Multi-Player (2 or 3 player) - This pass-and-play game is utterly addicting. Every game has new challenges and new opportunities and an entirely different playing board!

Word Winder Multi-Player Speed (2 or 3 player) - Each player has a countdown clock and each player tries to beat the opponents before that clock runs out!


Word Winder™ is the game of winding words from the Man Who Puzzles America (David L. Hoyt) - the game which has created all the buzz at Toy Fairs around the world in 2012! Get it today!

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