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Shock Bowl Lite

For those that love to bowl and those that love to entertain people on their web sites.

Here is a Free Version of Adveractive's Shock Bowl Bowling Game
that you may download and place on your web site (private or commercial site)
with no fees and no strings -- it is free.. Give your site visitors something
fun to do and give them a reason to come back time and again.



This is a professional version of the game . . . from the game specialists at Adveractive. What makes it a "Lite" version? It has no High Score Reporting and it doesn't keep track of a player's statistics beyond the player's average for a particular session.

Why are we so generous (grin)? The game does rotate a series of messages about our company and alternates these messages with YOUR PERSONALIZED MESSAGE (up to 30 letters) that you may easily place inside the game. Our company's messages are active links back to pages on our site -- and that is what we get out of your use of this fun game. The Adveractive site is now, and always will be, a "G" rated family site, full of fun games and free things to download.

Personalizing Your Version of Shock Bowl Lite

When the game begins, it reads a parameter within its HTML tag (the "sw1" parameter). Whatever you have typed into your HTML for this parameter is the personalized message that will be alternated with our company's text. Go ahead and test out the game above. Everyplace you see the words "Your Web Site Name Goes Here!" is a location in the game where your personal message (or site name or whatever you wish) will be displayed. These messages alternate every 35 seconds or so.

Downloading Shock Bowl Lite
for use on Your Own Site

Click the appropriate link below to download a compressed file that contains instructions on a sample HTML page for the game and the game Shockwave file itself (bowl7lite.dcr). Edit the HTML page a bit, upload the page and the game to your site, and you'll be entertaining visitors in a matter of minutes.

MAC DOWNLOAD - Shockbowllite.sit.hqx

(note: the same version of the game runs fine on Macs and PCs, in Netscape and in MSIE.)


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